VIP's are not just Very Important People they may also be Visually Impaired People.

A VIP maybe anyone who can not see 6/6 or read N5.

LB/SC are Local Blind or Sight Charities. Many Local Blind Societies or charities were set up during the late 19th century to provide assistance to the Blind, i.e. people who found it difficult to earn a living because they had  no sight or extremely limited sight. So that it was clear who they were helping they called themselves Blind Charities.

Today's VIP's have a wide range of visual restrictions; some may have clear vision but only in a very small area, some have very fuzzy vision, some can see better in different light levels and some have a mix: but most do have some vision. Few VIP's are totally Blind.

The use of the word Blind can cause many VIP's to feel they are not disabled enough to ask for support. To reflect their members visual abilities many Blind charities have or are going through the process of becoming Sight Charities (a lengthy process!)

If your Optometrist can not give you the vision you think you should have, ask your Eye care practitioner about referral to a LVA clinic or ring your local Blind/Sight charity for advice!

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