Sunglasses, sunspecs, sunnies call them what you will, they are  not just a fashion item for posers. They are essential for the health of your eyes, whatever your age they are the eye equivalent to sun-barrier skin creams.

UV is potentially harmful to the eyes. Exposure to UV (bright sunlight) at a young age has been linked to the development of cataract, macular degeneration and dry eye in the mature eye. Previous generations protected their eyes by wearing hats when outdoors, they sat in the shade and where ever possible avoided exposing their skin and eyes to too much sunlight. Anyone who has had laser refractive surgery is potentially at greater risk of intraocular damage from UV light so sunspecs are a must!

We encourage our children to play outside, complaining when they spend too much time indoors. When they are outside children who are reluctant to wear peaked hats must be encouraged to wear sunglasses that protect their eyes. Protection is even more important when near concrete, sand and water as these all reflect sunlight upwards. The eyebrows provide some natural protection from overhead light but none from ground reflected light. Sunlight is potentially most harmful to eyes between the morning of hours of 8 and 10 and the afternoon hours of 2 and 4.

Cheap sunglasses styles that slip down the nose, or have scratched lenses can be just as harmful as no sun protection. Children as well as adults can have prescription sunglasses or lenses that darken when the sun shines.


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