Sticky eyes

Eyes that are sticky have some kind of infection.

The commonest simple sticky eye infections are caused by bacteria – either bacterial conjunctivitis or a type of blepharitis.

Sticky eyes caused by bacterial infections can be managed by good hygiene – using cotton wool balls and saline (or cooled boiled water) to wipe along the lid margins. Do not use tap water and especially not hot tap water (there are some nasty bugs that live in hot water and could be just waiting to attack an already poorly eye), but be careful not to spread the infection to others or you may need chloramphenical drops. These may be available from a pharmacist.

However you may not have a simple bacterial infection. There are other conditions which might look like conjunctivitis but need a different management and unfortunately some conditions that if left untreated could cause blindness. Only your Eye Care or medical practitioner can advise you.

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