Do you struggle to use eye drops?

Don’t worry you are not alone which is why manufacturers now produce solutions which can your soothe dry eyes in a spray form. This is sprayed onto closed lids and for some people it is surprisingly effective. Even if it does not totally solve your problem it is useful to keep one in a bag or pocket for when you are out and about, or by the bed for a soothing top-up during the night. 

They have a longer shelf life than most lubricating eye drops, but unfortunately as with other lubricating eye drops the best way to know if they ‘do the job for you’ is to try them.  

Some sprays to consider:

Eye Logic (was Clarymist) – active ingrediants Soy lecithin 1.0%, Ethanol 0.8% and Vitamins A&E (preservative phenoxyethanol 0.5%)

Optrex Actimist


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