Spectacle lens forms

.Spectacle lenses are available in many different materials and forms to suit your lifestyle.

Single vision– these are lenses that have just one power.   For most under 40's they allow clear vision at any distance, even though you may chose to just wear them for reading, TV or driving For the over 40's you will find that they only 'work' for one distance – eg either reading or driving

Fixed Multifocals

eg Bifocals or trifocals

They can be worn all the time or some of the time.

They may give crisper vision than mutifocals, with less distortion.

They have a noticable line on them, which proclaims you are over 40 and only give clear vision at specific distances.

Progressive or Degressive Multifocals 

eg Varifocal or Occupational Lenses

If age means clear vision at different distances is a thing of the past these are the lenses for you.

They look like single vision lenses so you can keep your age a secret.

You just keep them on and see clearly at all distances or when you need to see at near, far or intermediate

They can take a bit of 'getting used to',

They need to be expertly fitted, adjusted and readjusted as necessary

It is important you discuss with ECP which distances you want/need to have best vision

All the above lens forms can be made up in materials and forms that reduce the lens thickness and have tints applied for protection from the sun and comfort from glare and reflections.

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