Overnight Lubrication

Some eyes need more protection when they should be sleeping.

These are often thick ointments to protect the corneal surface from drying out, but they can cause other problems such as blurred vision and/or conjunctival oedema. If you are using traditional thick ointments such as Lacrilube you may find it useful do a lid scrub procedure in the mornings.

Other newer gels may not give the same level of corneal protection as Lacrilube and may not be available on prescription, however they may be more comfortable to use and cause less blurring of the vision for those who wake during the night.

Some alternative OTC (over the counter eye drops):

  • Artelac nighttime gel – carbomer 0.2%
  • Blink intensive tears Plus liquid gel – sodium hyaluronate 0.38% + polyethylene glycol 400 0.25% (preservative ocupure 0.005%)
  • Celluvisc 1% unit dose – carmellose sodium (not preserved)
  • Clinitas hydrate – carbomer 980 0.2% (preservative centrimide)
  • Systane gel drops – hydroxpropyl guar, boric acid, polyethylene glycol 400 0.25%, propylene glycol 0.3%, sorbitol (preservative polyquaternium-1 0.001%)
  • Theratears liquid gel unit dose – sodiumcarboxy-methylcellulose 1% (not preserved)



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