On-line lenses

Yes you might save money by buying your contact lenses over the internet – but is it worth it?

As a contact lens wearer you have two choices;

  1. either find an Opticians practise where you feel comfortable and have regular checks on your vision and the health of your eyes. Someone you can turn to quickly for reassurance and a simple solution to any problems you may have. Ideally this would be the same person who fitted you with lenses.
  2. or risk damaging your eyes, struggling with uncomfortable lenses and less than perfect vision because you don't know who to turn to if you have problems so you keep putting it off.

Optician's charges for your lenses may seem higher than on-line costs – that is because of the way Opticians have traditionally priced their products.

  • If we just charged the basic cost of the product plus a small bit extra for overheads (as on-line companies do) then our examination fees would have to be at least £100 per visit!
  • Our overheads are much higher than on-line retailers for your comfort and protection. Our charges cover our High Street overheads, our staffing and our professional standards fees.
  • Legally your Optometrist or Contact Lens Fitters  has to meet far higher standards than an on-line retailer. For starters s/he has to have various professional insurances, gain accredition for keeping up-to-date and spend a small fortune on up-to-date equipment (and its maintenance).


On-line companies just want your money, we want to see you, to get to know you and to help you look after your eyes.

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