Nature’s Remedies

Just because a substance occurs naturally in nature does not mean it is safe to use. The following are some traditional treatments which herbal lore has shown to be effective and safe, but they should be used with caution because it might not be right for you

Cucumber slices – placed over closed eyelids are soothing and can help reduce healthy but puffy eyelids.

Leeches – before Victorian sight testing opticians started focusing on ocular health doctors were still advocating the use of leeches as a cure for red eyes. I am not implying sight testing opticians treated eye disease but their existence did focus medical minds on to causes of visual problems. Was poor vision due to  refractive/mechanical error that could be treated by non-medical trademen or caused by physical disease that required medical interventions?

Tea bags – ordinary used, cooled tea-bags are very soothing when placed over cooled eyes. And using them means you need to lie down quietly for 10 minutes – but be careful if experimenting with herbal teabags, you could make red eyes redder and more then irritated if using the wrong herbs!

                   -Warm tea bags can also be used to treat styes (inflamation of the meibomian glands), simply place one over the affected area 3 or 4 times a day and the inflamation should reduce.

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