Let there be light

  • As we age our eyes need more light, but it must be the right type of light.


    • Older eyes usually have a smaller pupil meaning that less light can enter
    • The internal ocular media become more opaque scattering incoming light which causes visual discomfort and even less light reaches the retina.
  • Having just one very bright central room light will create harsh glare and dangerous shadows.
  • It  is important to make better use of task lighting, suitable lamp fittings and good quality light bulbs that mimic natural lighting.
  • If you know someone who is finding it difficult to read or do the craftwork they enjoy maybe you good treat them to a better light. These can be obtained from various sources; contact your local Blind or Sight charity for advise or to see better lamps – or try www.seriousreaders.com
  • As we get older it is important we do everything possible to keep physically fit and mentally active for as long as reasonably possible. Making the best use of your vision makes for an easier lifestyle.


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