Lens treatments

Spectacle lenses can have several different coatings applied to them for different purposes.

Coloured tint This can be a light tint for cosmetic or comfort reasons Or it might be a specific tint to reduce Visual Stress
MAR These are Mult- anti-reflection coatings which To improve the appearnce of your glasses  They also reduce unwanted glare when night driving, but show up finger prints and scratches on the lens surface
Scratch resistant coating These won't stop your lenses getting damaged but will provide some protection from daily wear and tear MAR and scratch resistant coatings are often applied together on thinner lenses.
Sun protection This might be a simple dark tint to protect the eye from UV and strong/bright sunlight – but can not be worn for night-time driving Or a special coating which reacts to the amount of sunlight around – going darker in strong light then fading when the sun goes in
anti-mist This can reduce the problems associated with lenses steaming up.  

Some lens materials don't tint very well, and some coatings do not combine very well so be guided by your Dispensing Optician for the best treatments that can be applied to your lenses.

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