Itchy Eyes

Eyes that feel itchy, sore, burning, watery, tired, uncomfortable, not right could be 'dry eyes' or could be reacting to allergans.

Many things can initiate hayfever, not just grass pollen.

Allergies can seasonal or year round.

allergies often cause sneezing, but can cause watery eyes, and if the allergan is on your hands and you rub your eyes then your eyelids can become red and swollen.

Dry eyes can make the eye more sensitive to allergans, which means your eyes feel more watery but still sore, (if you have MGD, then the excess tearing results in the conjunctiva becoming oedematous and swollen and even more irritated, which causes more watering etc.) and the more you rub your eyes the worse they feel.

Allergies can be eased by using anti-histamine eye drops or tablets – but these can exacerbate a 'dry eye' problem

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