i-care through the Ages

Your Independent Local Eye-care Practitices depend on you to remain in business, without you we can not remain on the High Street, without you there will be no Community Eye Care Practitioners.

Nobody would dispute that your eyesight is important to you, but many people take good vision for granted. They only worry about it when something seems to have changed, and then seek a quick, cheap fix.  Buying i-care and i-wear from the cheapest provider may seem to make sense but are you sure they have the time, equipment, expertise, physical presence and inclination to advise you on your optimal eye-care.

Written evidence shows us that over the course of history peoples’ attitudes to vision and eye-care have changed as medical and scientific knowledge have led to new understandings about how our eyes work or fail. We like to theorise about causes of poor vision so that cures that seemed plausible before scientific explanations about microbiology and blood circulation to often seem erroneous and silly to modern thinking. Indeed many cures we read about in historical texts can sound down right dangerous but as science examines some of these cures, some do seem to contain curative elements. The difficulty is separating fact from fiction and kill from cure.

Professionally trained and qualified I-care specialists can help you to get the best from your eyes but only if you are prepared to pay for their time, equipment and premises.

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