Help us to Help you

Regular Eye Examinations with an Eye Care Practitioner you trust can not stop emergency situations arising but they give us a framework so we know what is normal for you.


IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT PLEASE PHONE TO CANCEL, or if you know you are running late then phone to ask for advice as to whether you can still be seen or if it is better to rearrange. Please be realistic about how late you might be.

  • Every lost appointment costs your Eyecare Practise money.
  • We understand life happens but if we know that you cannot attend then sometimes another patient can take your slot.
  • Or if your optom. knows that s/he has 20 or so minutes of free time then s/he can make use of it.
  • IT IS NOT KNOWING that is the biggest problem.

Arrive on time.

  • Appointment slots are booked to allow sufficient time for each patient.
  • IF YOU ARE LATE then either there will be less time to examine your eyes or your Eye Care Specialist will be running late for all later appointments. This means that patients who have been booked after you will be waiting around, getting cross and they will be late for any other appointments they have.

Tell us if you are worried about any aspect of your vision.

  • We can then investigate why you might have noticed something different
  • and then reassure you if everything is normal or advice you if further investigations are needed.

Let us know about any health problems and/or you medications you are on – so we can decide whether they are having any effect on your eyesight.

  • Better still bring in a list of your medications, then we can get the spelling right and if necessary look them up to see if they are likely to affect your eye sight.

If you notice a sudden change in your vision that has happened within the last 24 hours then you are justified in asking for an urgent appointment – if it happened a week ago the urgency has passed but you should still ask to be seen As Soon As Possible


  • If at all possible make an appointment at your usual Opticians- they have records of what is normal for you.
  • Please remember your optometrist may well have a full clinic already booked so s/he will need to decide the best time to fit you in. S/he needs to allow enough time to investigate and assess what has gone on with you whilst not reducing the time available to patients already booked.

   Please do not wait until you are on the way home from work to pop in to seek advise.

  • depending on what problems you have noticed you may need to allow time are for a full eye examination (or longer)
  • it is best to ask someone to drive you to your appointment as
  • -you may need drops which dilate your pupil and can mean you are unable to drive
  • -you may be told you need to go straight to a hospital eye clinic for further assessment




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