Failing Vision

Perfect vision is easy to take for granted. If the world starts to fog over the assumption is that glasses will restore clarity. Usually they will,  but there can come a time when failing vision cannot be corrected with new spectacles or medical treatments. Your vision will not be made worse by using it but struggling to see when vision is not perfect can be tiring so it is important to pace yourself and consider alternative ways of ‘seeing‘ the world.

When things are just a bit fuzzy, just not as clear as you would like then better lighting, use of contrasting colours or a simple hand-held magnifier maybe all that is needed.

If things become more difficult it can make independent living awkward, but there are people who can help. It just needs someone to alert them to yours, your relative's or your friend's difficulties. Contacting social services does not mean giving up independence it is the first step to regaining control of your life and improving its quality.

click here to find out what The Essex Sensory Care team could do for you or someone you know to maintain independent living. Or phone Contact Essex on 0845 603 7630

Prefer to contact a charity, click here to find out about resources that are available to help someone you know keep their independence.

click here to order a 'talking newspaper' for someone in the Mid-Essex area


Most towns have Resource Centres which stock and sell aids to make everyday tasks easier, to find out more ask at a Local Library or try the Advice Line 0870 240 5418

If you can't find support locally try the RNIB, they are not just for the blind but will offer help and advise to anyone who is struggling to see clearly, or phone on 0303 123 9999

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