Dyslexia (a SLD)

Dyslexia is a Specific type of Learning Disorder (SLD).

A diagnosis of dyslexia indicates a child is not thick or stupid but has difficulty  learning reading skills, and usually struggles with other areas of life.

Once your child's school is aware that your child has a SLD they may offer specific exercises and support.

Dyslexia cannot be diagnosed by an Optometrist and glasses will not correct it, but glasses can at least allow the eye to see text clearly and comfortably. Some Optometrists have a special interest in binocular vision anomalies and may offer various kinds of exercises, tinted overlays or tinted spectacles. These types of tests are not funded by the NHS so have to be paid for.

Some children are better working from a computer screen rather than from paper based texts. The color of the background can be adjusted to make reading easier.

There are several web sites offering more information about dyslexia; for national information try clicking here, or for a support service local to Essex contact Helen Deeley at the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre.

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