Teens & Contacts

Modern spectacle frames are seen by many as fashion items but some adolescents still feel that being a spectacle wearer carries a stigma. Being able to swop specs for contact lenses can give a significant boast to a young person's confidence levels.

Modern contact lenses mean that The Teen Years are a good time to start wearing contact lenses – so long as the young person understands the importance of hand hygiene and is sensible about wearing times.

Contact lenses are not available through the NHS (except in very exceptional circumstances), so parents and children need to be aware that there will be charges for after-care appointments, contact lenses and solutions. However these eyecare costs are relative when compared to the costs of designer clothing, trainers, computer games and iphones etc!

All contact lens wearer must always have a wearable pair of spectacles available just in case they need to have 'Contact Free Days'.



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