According to Urban Myth eating carrots helps us see in the dark, but what is the truth?

it is certainly true that carrots do contain Vitamin A, and it is know that Vitamin A is needed for the eye to process light, especially when light levels are low. Visual symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency are

  •  night blindness.
  • and xerophthalmia, this is a medical term for ‘dry eye’ that is usually reserved for very severe dryness which causes scarring of the surfaces of the eye.

However carrots are not the only source of Vitamin A and Vitamin A deficiency is very rare for anyone who eats a varied Western diet.

For an in depth discussion of why Vitamin A is needed for good vision click here.

Click here  to go to a fun and interesting web site to find out everything you could possibly want to know about the history of the humble carrot, including its role in helping British RAF pilots see better during WW11.

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