Child’s Eyes

Children's Eye tests are free*.

  • Children are born with physically fully formed eyes and funtioning visual pathways but the mental links that will allow them to 'see' and make sense of their world take time to develop.
  • Children under the age of 10 are constantly learning new things about their world. For this age group the boundaries of their world are limited by their school and family and as they use their eyes to learn about this local environment their visual systems are forming new links all the time.
  • If a child's vision is impaired at all during this time then it can have potentially damaging effects on how they learn and perceive the world.

* The NHS pays Eye Care Practitioners to test the sight of children of all ages, and reimburse us the cost of a basic pair of spectacles and lenses. However, if as a parent,  you and your child prefer to buy more robust or designer frames and want better lenses then we will happily supply this, but please remember just as your child's shoes need replacing regulalry as their feet grow so will their glasses.

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