Wet or Dry

Whilst there are several different forms of macular disease most are rare.

The commonest form is Dry AMD. This takes different forms but are typically slow to progress allowing people to gradually adapt their lifestyle to changes in vision, but currently there is no treatment.

Wet Macular Disease causes a greater loss of vision and has a more rapid onset than dry. Unfortunately because it usually affects only one eye, people may not notice there is a problem until it is too late. If Wet AMD is picked up quickly there are treatments available which can stop deterioration and even improve vision.

If you have any concerns about changes in your vision it is important to make an appointment with your Optometrist, but s/he will need to dilate your eye to decide if you have a condition that needs referral or not. This will mean that you will be unable to drive for several hours so leave your car at home or  take a driver with you.

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