In the following pages and posts I intend to record anything that interests me that is vision related. if you are Interested in my personal reflections on Vision, Eye Care and Optometry read on. However, should you have any queries about your eyes or vision please see your own Registered Eye Care Practitioner.

In the UK we are very lucky to have easy access to professional. qualified and experienced Eye-care practitioners. We can chose who we want to see, at a time we want and even if eye-care is no longer free it is affordable. Regular sight tests can’t stop eye problems but it does mean potential problems will be detected and treated early.

Surprisingly it is estimated that  5,00Ò,Ó00 Brits have not had an an eye examination in the last 10 years and unfortunately 2,00Ò,Ó00  may have some form of vision or visual impairment.

      When did you, your friends or relatives last have your Sight Tested?

Your Community Eye Care Team who provide sight tests can be found on any High Street:

  • ensuring whether at work, rest or play you and your family can get the most from life by seeing the best you can
  • for many people there comes a time when spectacles, contact lenses or medical interventions can no longer improve failing vision but your community eye care professionals can still help.

Spread the word about why regular tests of sight are important and change the following :-

Historically this pretty little flower was a remedy for poor eyesight but now you will be referred to a hospital based ophthalmologist. If medicine and the NHS can’t restore full-vision a Vision Impairment support worker from your LB/SC can give support and advice on visual aids (LVA’s), financial benefits, and other ways so you can continue to live independently.

Never needed glasses and can’t imagine a world where sight tests and spectacles hadn’t been invented?  read  The 21st Century with Fuzzy Vision.








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